Маленький кошелёк / Small wallet Steampunk

Маленький кошелёк с кошкой. Стимпанк стиль
Кошелёк полностью ручной работы, мордочка кота Сфинкса тоже.
Удобен в использовании, он легко помещается в любом кармане. Кошелёк легко вмещает в себя карточки и купюры. 
Натуральная кожа. 

Пожалуйста помните: реальные цвета могут отличаться от фото на сайте, в зависимости от настроек вашего монитора. Подарочная коробка в комплекте.

  Small flap wallet with cat.
This completely handmade Spynx Cat wallet is just the right mix of fantasy, reality and Steanpunk. 
  This is the perfect wallet for those who like to keep it simple and clean. With just enough space for cards and cash, it is totally compact in the palm of your hand and fits thinly into your pocket. It has a simple, handy divider to keep cash and cards separate. With a solid snap closure and tough, durable stitching, you will have fast an easy access when reaching to pay for your stuff!

Wallet material: 
Genuine leather.
Sphynx cat - a mix of plastic and rubber (very durable material)
The wallet is completely handmade with high-quality, genuine leather with durable rubber and plastic specially shaped and molded into a sphynx emblem. 

Real colors may slightly differ from one monitor to another, as it depends on specific monitor settings. Giftbox included

2500 руб.

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